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Glad to hear that you're on the Woo train. I personally haven't experienced the craze in person(unless you count the Mellow Mushroom webcast party - YEAH!). From my seat at the webcast,the second set lost momentum at points, but as you say, there was some excellent jamming, especially that 7 below.

Here's to the return of Robeman. Also Standyman.


I guess I lost track of Jalepzerz over the last couple of weeks...unsure how? That said, this review is as good as any as you'll get on .net. You actually break down the music and describe what the jams are like, rather than a one sentence "I liked it" or "it went nowhere." Granted, you have the benefit of relistens, but I appreciate you going into detail about what actually happened in the jam portion.

Great, detailed review on a show that you experienced over 2 months ago. I don't know how you do it. Kudos!

Have fun at 'ween tomorrow night gents! May all your 'stumes be zeppelin (or robeman).

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